Bringing the Outside Inside

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With the summer weather finally arrived, people are more and more tempted to expand their homes out in to the garden or incorporate their gardens into their homes in some way. The very first hint of sun brings the hope of a hot sunny summer and relaxing days spent sunbathing in the garden. The air is filled with the afternoon scent of many a barbeque and the focus of the kitchen and dining room moves out in to the oasis that people have created for themselves outside. All of this leads people to wonder how they can let the transition between kitchen/dining room and the hopeful summer spent dining in the garden with minimum cost and impact to their homes.
Traditionally this meant replacing a rear window with a patio door or pair of French doors, meaning the options were very limited in terms of design and function. These days the more popular option is the introduction of bi-folding doors, perfect for providing that all important flow from the home to the garden and allowing the two to merge on the hopefully warm summer days spent entertaining or relaxing.

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There is a great appeal for bi-folding doors, especially when teemed with a veranda or expanse of decking to compliment the rear of a property. No longer does the kitchen feel separate and disconnected from the activities outside, and the warm summer weather is allowed to stream in through the ‘removal’ of the wall that the doors have created.
Obviously there are structural and physical restrictions to the possibility of installing bi-folding doors or similar, but the impact and cost is minimal and the effect it can create is very profound on the atmosphere and sense of open space in your home. They are also a great solution and a viable option to those where space is fairly limited, where no extra construction is needed to incorporate the new doors. According to property expert Phil Spencer, a well-designed decking area teamed with a well thought out arrangement of bi-folding doors to the rear of a property can add at least 2% to the value of a home, maybe more if incorporated in a re-modelling to the interior of your house.
For those where space allows, the possibility of incorporating bi-folding doors to your property can be coupled with the addition of a rear extension without compromising the garden space. 1.11 This can take the form of an Orangery, Conservatory, Sun room, new Kitchen, Playroom, Dining room or any other room. This allows for the addition of valuable space to your home whilst providing that all important link between the home and the garden. Often, the new extension allows for a re-modelling of the Kitchen and Dining rooms to create a wonderful open plan space that creates a new way of living, and opens up the area to become a feature in the home. The amount of space the extension creates together with the increase in light, especially in the summer months, improves not only the appearance of your home, but also the mood and the well-being.
The benefits that an extension can offer can also lead to financial gain as well. Property expert Phil Spencer states that a typical rear extension can cost anywhere between £5,000 and £30,000 depending on the type of room and size, yet can create an 11% increase in the value of your home. Obviously this figure would depend on the ratio of garden space lost, and the effectiveness that the room brings to the property, but it shows that a large gain in value can be created as well as the obvious difference to the lifestyle it can offer.
All of this shows that when considering that transformation of your house now that summer is on its way, in order to incorporate the garden, the gain can be financial as well as social. The benefits of bi-folding doors as well as an extension to your home can provide benefits that make sense all year round, and can eventually lead to an increase in the value of your house. Now is definitely the time to get the barbeque and the garden furniture out and see how effectively your outside space can be incorporated into your everyday lives. Once you've experienced the space and the light that a set of bi-folding doors or extension can provide you with, especially in the hopeful brink of a British Summer, you’ll wonder how you managed to live without them for so long.

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