Andrew Martin Petrified Log Stool
Andrew Martin Petrified Log Stool Andrew Martin Petrified Log Stool
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Andrew Martin Petrified Log Stool

Perfectly imperfect, as nature intended, Andrew Martin's Petrified Log Stool, not only provides a resting spot, it is a one-off artefact, uniquely formed over the passage of time.
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The idiosyncratic nature of petrified wood gives this stool a definitive charisma.

Petrified wood is the environmental transformation of wood into stone, a process known as permineralization. The process takes place when wood becomes buried under sediment or volcanic ash and is preserved due to lack of oxygen.

Each stool is hand-polished and will vary in appearance and size, resulting in a one-off piece.


Product Information:

Collection:                          Signature

Fabric Composition:       Petrified wood

Product Height:                Between 400 - 500 mm

Product Diameter:          Between 200 -400 mm

Weight:                               60 kg


Please note these stools are sold individually. The price displayed is the price for one stool only.

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