Bleu Nature

Bleu Nature

Since 1995, Bleu Nature have been using one of natures finest materials to produce true works of art. A passion for the raw and natural driftwood material, moulded over time by weather and rolling seas, combined with unique vision of one man has breathed new life into this once discarded material.

Bleu Nature are the unrivaled leaders in driftwood furniture, lighting and product design and have used their expertise and knowledge to constantly reinvent the possible forms and functions of driftwood. The passion and creativeness of the design team mean that the natural material creates powerful emotions and propels the products to the forefront of luxury design and creations. The use of raw yet simple materials enables the focus to always be on the natural beauty and warmth of the driftwood, enhancing its appeal in luxury environments thanks to the effortless style and quality of manufacture.

Traditional ideas and principles ensure that thanks to a reclamation affiliate, all driftwood used by Bleu Nature is collected by hand from beaches and shores all over the world. To date Bleu Nature have managed to reclaim and reuse almost 150 tons of driftwood. The products may be subject to possible long lead times, yet this is merely a testament to the passion and dedication of the traditional methods of production and manufacture, ensuring a standard and quality rarely seen in ethically sourced and environmentally responsible luxury products.


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