Velis 42 in Gold & Black
Velis 42 in Gold & Black Velis 42 in Gold & Black Velis 42 in Gold & White Velis 42 in Silver & White Velis 42
Velis 60 in Gold & Black Velis 60 in Gold & Black Velis 60 in Gold & White Velis 60 in Silver & White Velis 60 in Silver & White Velis 60 Velis 70 in Gold & Black Velis 70 in Gold & White Velis 70 in White & Silver Velis 70
Green Lux 40 in Gold & White

Catalano Green Lux Basin, Gold & Silver Collection

Bisazza Bagno, Amaryllis Ceramic Washbasin, Without Tap Hole - Hayon Collection

Bisazza Bagno, Amaryllis Ceramic Washbasin, Without Tap Hole - Hayon Collection

Catalano Velis Basin, Gold & Silver Collection

Inspired by traditional techniques used for producing high-quality jewellery, the Gold and Silver Collection finishes are created from pure silver and 18K gold to create a luxurious bathroom setting. The metallic finishes have been developed to create a beautiful shine with an outstanding resistance to abrasion.

A complex, exclusive and extremely accurate process allows Catalano to apply Gold and Silver finishes in a way that guarantees the same thermal shock and chemical resistance as the standard glaze which is highly scratch resistant for a durable and luxurious look that lasts. 

The finishes are now applied to six washbasins and a pair of wall-hung WC and bidet, in combination with Cataglaze treatment in black and white colours.

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The Velis Basin from range Catalano is 'the essence of ceramics' ensuring your bathroom will become a statement of luxury and elegance.

Catalano Velis Sit-On Basins from the Gold & Silver Collection comes in a variety of sizes 42, 60 and 70.

Catalano gives its stylish contribution to its glamour products such as metallic colours and finishes by focusing on Gold and Silver shades. These products are largely targeted by Architects and Interior Designers all over the world, due to the rising demand and to meet the most sophisticated aesthetic tastes.

Their high resistance to abrasion is unique and very competitive on the market, for excellent performance and an outstanding look.


Product Dimensions

Velis 42 – 420 x 420 mm

Velis 60 – 600 x 420 mm

Velis 70 – 700 x 420 mm


Colour Finishes

Silver & White - Light and refined, the combination of the Silver finish and ceramic bright white gives the items lightness and elegance, almost appearing to be weightless.

Gold & White - Bright and warm, the bright white of ceramic lights up the brightness of Gold finish and increases its warmth.

Gold & Black - Elegant and glamour, the precious Gold finish matched with the glossy black of ceramic makes a strong distinctive and appealing look. 


Additional information

Sit on washbasin with overflow, for taps to be installed on the wall or on a counter.

We can source all Catalano sanitaryware if you are unable to find what you are looking for on our website. Please contact a member of our design specialists on Tel: 01423 863097 to guide you through your individual design specifications to fulfil your highest design objectives.

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