Planning Permission

We have the architectural knowledge to prepare planning permission documents for your renovations, extensions or new builds and can assist in the development of your property. We have experience of different types of property and the constraints in which permission can be approved or rejected. We work closely with local authorities to help assist your planning needs.

Spatial Design

We love to use our specialist skills to manipulate interior spaces to give incredible effects. There’s so much to do with spatial design such as ceiling coffer details or carpet inlays. We can guide you with not only the finer details but the overall layout of the room as well.


Lighting is one of the most important elements to a room design. We have a wide range of lighting suppliers, from downlights to pendants. Our technical knowledge and guidance enables you to achieve the very best in task, ambient and feature lighting.


M&E' in construction refers to mechanical and electrical systems. Mechanical systems can include elements of infrastructure, heating and ventilation. Electrical systems might include power supply, distribution and control systems. We at YDA can help with these elements as well as suggest improvements and other inputs.

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