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Jaquar Artize Rainjoy Shower with 3 Water Functions

Jaquar Artize Rainjoy Shower with 3 Water Functions

Jaquar Artize Rainjoy Shower with 4 Water Functions

Jaquar Artize Rainjoy Shower with 4 Water Functions

Jaquar Artize Rainjoy Shower with 2 Water Functions

A leading Global super brand that is known for its excellence in innovation and technology. The highest build standards combine with the most beautifully designed aesthetics to provide World-class products.  

The Rainjoy shower spa blends material science, hydro-flow design and the best aqua-pressure therapy to create a 360 water massage that envelops you in pleasure. When you step into the shower, you discover a spa.

Jaquar Aritze pays tribute to the fine traditions of exquisite craftsmanship and precision where design, technology and talent combine to deliver a masterpiece. 


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The Rainjoy collection of showers with 2 water functions from Jaquar Artize in Chrome.

With a variety of invigorating water flow options to help you relax and lose yourself in a steady channelling of rain with the hypnotic rhythm of falling water drops.


Product Information

370 mm x 250 mm for model 70001

480 mm x 330 mm for models 70003, 70003iV6 & 70013

AISI 304 Stainless steel in chrome finish

Without installation kit for false ceiling


2-Functions for model 70001

   ▪ Rain

   ▪ 2 x Mist


2-Functions for models 70003 & 70003iV6

   ▪ Rain

   ▪ 2 x Mist


2-Functions for models 70013

   ▪ Rain

   ▪ Waterfall


Water Modes

Rain - Welcome the emptying of the clouds with arms wide open. The Rain mode lets you enjoy an extra-large overhead shower zone for a complete body bath. With pearls of water streaming from every jet on the large shower head, the Rain mode's generous overage is as rejuvenating as the monsoon's first downpour.


Mist – Lose yourself in the kiss of a million droplets a minute. Four nozzles recreate the joy of being in a cloud as the Mist mode's floating blanket of feather-touch droplets gently covers you with freshness. Mist spray is created by forcing water through tiny holes, and this mode is great for hot summer days or after a long, hard work-out.


Waterfall - Surrender to the power of the leaping river. An unrelenting cascade (or two) of water that arches purposefully down your back, the Waterfall mode’s therapeutic effect feels totally natural and timeless and is perfect for kneading new life into tired backs and shoulders.


Additional Information

If you require any further information regarding this product or any other products from the Jaquar Artize Collection, please contact our design specialists, Telephone 01423 863097.

We have a wide range of brands and products not advertised on our website, please call for further details.

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